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WTS Geophysical Solutions, provides a complete suite of geophysical exploration services at your locality Using proprietary technologies, custom surveys, and superior software to undertake work at any part of globe. Our project team has hands-on experience on undertaking heterogeneous ‘Geophysical surveys’ with seasoned and tenured field experts to provide ‘result oriented work’ in ‘earth resources mapping’. Our success starts with deputing suitable equipment, competent field engineers, statutory safety measures, licensed software & experienced expert assigned for work in prompt & meticulous way for each project. We have full fledged team and resources to undertake Geophysical consultancy service to target audiences in most cost-effective way & commits to undertake challenging tasks & bring the feasible solution in the following application area as listed below;

Geophysical Survey Method Applications
Earth Resistivity Test 1-D VES SP sounding

1-D VES SP IP (Time Domain ) sounding
  • Identify low Resistance Zone for Electrical Sub-Station Projects
  • Ground Water Aquifer Mapping project for Agriculture and Industrial Plots
  • Sub –Soil strata classification for Foundation Study.

  • Mineral Ore Prospecting
  • Saline Intrusion study in Coastal Zone for Delineation of Saline and Fresh Water Zone.
  • Electrical Resistivity Tomography/Imaging (Using Multi-Electrode Imaging Technique) 2-D & 3-D Resistivity IP Imaging
  • Deep Aquifer mapping from 50m to 250m in coastal, sedimentary and hard rock terrain.
  • Coastal Aquifer Mapping to delineate fresh water and saline water zone
  • Environmental site Assessment to identify contamination plumes of Hydro carbon, Agro-chemicals and Pharmaceutical waste deposits in near sub-surface.
  • Soil –Strata classification of heavy structure foundation engineering for railway & highway bridges , Dams & Hydro Power Plant etc.,
  • Buried ‘Wood Fossil’ study
  • Dam and channel Seepage study
  • Mineral Deposit Prospecting
  • Landslide Vulnerable zone mapping study
  • Cavity deduction & Land Subsidence Study
  • Seismic Survey MASW/ Seismic Reflection, Seismic Refraction, Cross-hole and Down Hole Survey
  • Bedrock Quality and Over Burden Thickness
  • Fracture , fault and weak zone determination study
  • Sub-surface litho logy mapping
  • Determination of concrete structures as a non-invasive test
  • Topographic Survey DGPS & Total Station
  • High level precision on Bridges , roads, highways and site plan preparations
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey GPR Survey
  • Buried asset mapping or treasure locating
  • Buried utility detection such as pipeline, cables and wires
  • Cavity and trench deduction in very shallow depth
  • Explore the Unexplored resources…!