Best Geophysical Instrument Sales

WTS Geophysical Solutions deal with sales & supplies of wide range of geophysical equipments, to Geologists,Geophysicist, Hydrogeologist, Mining Engineers, Geotech Engineers, Civil Engineers & Surveyors and enhance them as the specialist expert to solve the field problem in field itself by educating them to use suitable & advanced equipments in prospecting the earth resources. Our equipments are advanced in technology, user friendly, simplified field practices, portable, rugged to use in typical field conditions & more reliable in quality data acquisition. We assure the fullest support for sales /supply/service /training program for following equipments;

  • Geo-electrical D.C Resistivity Meter
  • 2-D /3-D Earth Resistivity Tomography equipments
  • Bore well logging System
  • Bore Well camera (OTV & ATV)
  • Transient Electromagnetic System (TEM)
  • Proton Precision Magnetometers
  • Geophones
  • Seismograph
  • High Precision Ground Water Detector


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