ADMT Series (Wireless Water Detector)

ADMT Series’ Golden Bar Version is the latest high-tech groundwater sourcing device providing wireless sensor and electrode, Mobile application assistance, and depth fixing facility. It is a simple in-field Operation, intelligent in design, high performance, and accessible in portability. The device is connected with the mobile phone or tablet computer through inbuilt Bluetooth and directly operates the instrument, transmission, of processing of data. Instrument MN uses electrode or wireless electromagnetic sensor (probe) for input signal, need to pull wire, walk, stop can be measured. It can measure depth range from 0-800m

The ancient method of groundwater measurement, a conductivity switch, was often lowered into a borehole on a flat steel or plastic cable. This switch emitted an acoustic signal when it hit the water. The depth from the circumference to the groundwater could thus be measured in a simple manner. The primary problem with this technique is that it requires someone to be at the site to perform the measurement manually
But today, with the help of wireless water flow detectors, it is quick and easy to identify groundwater sources and hot spring identifications.