WZ-1/3 Proton Precision Magnetometer

WZ-1/3 is a portable proton magnetometer well received by customers around the world. Magnetic measurement precision is ±1nT, and resolution reaches 0.1nT. Boasting large storage, high resolution, and flexibility, WZ-1/3 can measure total field intensity, horizontal or vertical gradient component with the resolution of 0.1nT by altering sensor structure.

The significant applications of magnetometers include the following,
Discovering buried ferrous containers in environmental surveys.
Finding and tracing buried pipelines in utility-type surveys.
Locating abandoned wells for decommissioning and sealing.
The teaching of geophysical techniques.
Other uses include mineral exploration surveys, UXO, archaeology, and other surveys not listed, which may be better performed with Over Hauser or Optically Pumped Potassium systems.

The technique depends on the rotation of protons in a magnetic field with respect to the Larmor equation.
Typically, a sensor bottle with a fluid and a large number of protons is subjected to a large direct current (DC) in a coil wound around the bottle like a solenoid. The current creates a corresponding induced field in a direction perpendicular to the earth’s magnetic field.
The flow of current is then off entirely, and the protons precess with a frequency directly proportional to the magnetic induction produced. With GEM, an advanced frequency counting method is used to determine the magnetic intensity with an unmatched accuracy by other systems.

When choosing a proton precession system, WTS recommends carefully considering the system specifications on an equal footing to make sure that you are obtaining the maximum value for your investment.