WDJD-4 D.C. Resistivity & IP Meter

WDJD-4 is a Multi-Function D.C Resistivity /IP meter, specific prospecting equipment for groundwater & mineral resources, and a primary tool for Geotechnical applications. Its advanced features & parameters support multi-functions such as resistivity survey, multi-electrode imaging, and borehole logging, respectively. It is the most economical and practical field equipment used across the globe due to the high performance, reliability, accuracy, portability, ruggedness, and simplicity of in-field operation. More details are listed below

Geophysical instruments are usually complex and expensive. Resistivity IP meter can easily be constructed from simple components available in a store that sells hardware or radio parts. The cost of these parts will not be very expensive. While the measurements with this instrument will be slow, they will be accurate.

The meter measures the electrical resistivity of the soil; this quantifies the difficulty that an electrical current has in flowing through the soil.High resistivity materials include stone, gravel, sand, and brick. Low resistivity materials include silt and clay. Soil moisture and salinity also decrease the resistivity of the soil. Measurement of resistivity will allow a test of what soil is underground, even when that cannot be determined by looking at the surface.