WGMD-9 2D/3D Resistivity/IP Imaging System

WDA-1 /1B excellent Digital DC Resistivity/IP Meter is a unique state–of–art equipment for all kinds of resistivity surveys, imparted with the latest technology, conducts resistivity survey wireless with the help of WDA-1D & 2D software fixed in your Pocket PC or Tablet that is operated with Bluetooth within 10 m radius.

WDA-1/1B Series is a lightweight, compact, portable, high performance, and furnishes all your survey needs in a single package. WDA Series is available in two variants, viz WDA-1 and WDA-1B, respectively.WDA-1 performs a survey with an external power source, whereas WDA-1B is designed to survey with an inbuilt power source and an external power source. Its primary performance and functions surpass analog instruments in the market.

Surface electrical resistivity survey is based on the principle of the distribution of electrical voltage in the surface around a current-carrying electrode based on the electrical resistivities and distribution of the surrounding soils and rocks. The purpose of electrical resistivity imaging surveys is to examine the resistivity distribution of the sounding soil volume. Artificially generated electrical currents are given to the ground, and the resulting potential differences are measured.

The electrical resistivity survey of the ground at various points over an area or along a route, based on measurements of the current passing between electrodes embedded in the environment at successive pairs of points and used to locate buried structural features; a similar survey of the internal structure.

2D surveys are using a single line of electrodes and think that the geology is being surveyed continuously infinitely without change perpendicular to your line of electrodes. 3D Surveys - 3D Resistivity makes no assumptions and instead measures in all directions using a grid of electrodes.